The AIM Centre

The AIM Centre started in 1986 as a protective workshop for the Association for the Physically Disabled and originally opened as a residential home for people with disabilities in Kensington.

In 1997, the Centre raised enough funds to move to a new location – where it currently stands today, opened its doors to more people, who primarily came from previously disadvantaged communities.

Today, the Centre which is conveniently situated in the heart of Kensington, provides a safe working environment for people with disabilities. The building itself has a friendly and informal feel to it and is ideally suited to disabled people who find it difficult adjusting to a formal workplace environment.

Finding meaningful work is essential, especially for people living with disabilities. An important objective for the AIM Centre is to proactively and effectively develop the lives and workplace skills of the Centre’s participants.

The Centre’s garden is an endless source of joy for the participants. There are a variety of herbs and veggies growing in pots and planters around the Centre, which are regularly harvested for use in the kitchen.

The Centre welcomes and encourages visitors (by appointment) to meet and greet participants and to get a hands-on feel for what the Centre is all about.


Along with projects and contract work, our participants also regularly engage in a variety of enriching activities at the Centre, such as:

  • Group Physiotherapy: This is compulsory for the participants as it works wonders for maintaining and improving their physical wellbeing.
  • Literacy & Numeracy Classes: All participants have the chance to boost their competency in Mathematics – an invaluable skill that is sure to open many new doors for them in terms of the job market.
  • Art Classes: Participants with a flair for the visual arts may choose to engage in our bi-weekly art classes.
  • Psycho-Social Programmes: These programmes focus on educating our participants on, and creating awareness about, important social issues including the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, the importance of good nutrition, etc. Other topics discussed include boundaries, respect, trust, friendships, and relationships.
  • Individual Counselling: To further assist and enrich our participants, individual counselling is also offered to participants at the AIM Centre.

The AIM Centre Staff

AIM requires a high level of skill due to the diversity of the participant group, the range of disabilities, and the participants and their varying needs.

  • Bernice Michalec: Centre Manager & Social Worker
  • Rebecca Gxowa: Workshop Supervisor & Social Auxiliary Worker
  • Angie Marais: Project Assistant
  • Maledy Mpala: Project Assistant

The AIM Centre Participants Committee

Participants are selected as group supervisors and are given a leading role to play at the Centre. A Participants Committee is elected annually by their peers to represent the group and to work with them to ensure the smooth running of the Centre.

At AIM, the Participants Committee is hands-on as everything is done as a group. The Participants Committee is integrally involved in all decisions undertaken at the Centre.

  • Head of Contracts: Trevor Jones
  • Head of the Kitchen: Danie Ferreira

Management Committee

  • Chairperson: Jayantilal Morar
  • Vice Chairperson: Alison Bishop
  • Treasurer: Andrew Jones
  • Marketing Leads: Dijon Hilzinger-Maas
  • Secretary: Bella Robbertze

Management Members

  • Carol Colborne
  • Avis Gillman
  • Sandy Heyman
  • Nhlanhla Jordan
  • Melissa Curtis

Honourable Members

  • Mallory Lambert

AIM Centre Address

The AIM Centre can is situated in Kensington, Johannesburg

79 Orion Street
South Africa

The AIM Centre’s Charity Shop

The AIM Centre’s Charity Shop, which opened its doors in 2013, is full of new and second-hand rare finds, treasures and trinkets for just about every occasion and is also a big source of income for the AIM Centre.

The Charity Shop is an additional income source for the AIM Centre and relies on donations – both new and old – from the community.  The shop is run by a team of friendly individuals, all willing to help you to find something special to take home, or to give as a gift.

The AIM Centre’s Charity Shop Staff

  • Angie Wenke
  • Murial Chinyoni
  • Bianca Clark
  • Courtney Clark
  • Olivia Leach
  • Noah Muchenje

Charity Shop Address

AIM’s Charity Shop can be found at the
Darras Shopping Centre in Kensington, Johannesburg.

Corner Kitchener Avenue & Juno Road
South Africa

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