An Introduction to The AIM Centre

The AIM Centre, founded in 1986, is a non-profit protective workshop providing work activities, skills training and personal development for people with disabilities.  The Centre currently has approximately 35 participants – either on a part-time or full-time basis. Participants are involved with various projects and contracts which include anything from assembling products, to the final packaging of products.

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Protective Workshop Defined

A protective workshop is a safe, disability-friendly environment providing opportunities for people with disabilities from the local community to help develop and improve their skills and to earn an income through the products that they make as a supplement to their disability grants.

Contract Defined

A contract is essentially a job given to the Centre by a business or corporate company that will financially sustain the participants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable our participants to achieve maximum independence and self-esteem through constructive work activities and additional income generation. Through ongoing efforts, we work tirelessly to alleviate poverty and to assist our participants to grow and develop themselves through skills acquired and with attitudes that give purpose and meaning to their daily lives. We wish to see the full integration of people with disabilities as valued and respected members of society, gaining paid employment in the open labour market wherever possible, and having access to sport, leisure, and social opportunities.

“I feel an atmosphere of tranquillity but also of fortitude. The energy of those who tirelessly work to benefit the lives of those being cared for here, is present. Many angels are also present and looking on at the happiness so apparent at those who work at this centre. Their lives have been changed when they found this place. Angels are circling, you are all blessed. As you sow so shall you reap. You are greeted at the gate by the vegetable garden, it sends out a message “we care, we attend too and we feed” The Angels are singing, their hearts are filled……. A new dawn has begun” 

AIM Centre Participant

Key Objectives & Benefits

At AIM, one of our main objectives is to actively prepare participants, who would otherwise have difficulty finding and maintaining jobs on their own, to work in the open labour market. We achieve this through ongoing and extensive “on-the-job” training and support. Job placements are made based on an individual’s abilities and interests.

Benefits to the Centre’s participants include:

  • An opportunity to develop and hone important skills in preparation for the open labour market.
  • An opportunity to reach one’s full potential.
  • A chance to earn an extra income.
  • The upliftment of being part of a community that promises support, understanding, and motivation.


The AIM Centre serves as a second home to approximately 35 participants, all of whom are from a multitude of cultural backgrounds, genders, and races.

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The participants at the AIM Centre rely heavily on contracts received from external businesses to bring in work for the participants, such as packing, sorting, labelling and product assembly.

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When participants are not working on a contract from a client, they spend their time working on the Centre’s Sewing Project for sale at AIM’s Charity Shop.

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