The AIM Centre Newsletter Issue 04 | April 2019

“Advancement to Independence through Motivation”

The AIM Centre, founded in 1986, is a non-profit, protective workshop providing work activities, skills training and personal development to people living with disabilities.


The AIM team wishes each and every one of our followers a very “Hoppy” Easter with their friends and family. May it be a joyous and peaceful occasion for all! Here’s to another year full of blessings and heart-warming moments.


As many Friends of AIM know, we host exciting jumble sales every Friday at the Centre. The AIM team was looking forward to hosting our first bumper jumble sale for the year on the 18th of April but, unfortunately, due to a shortage of items to sell, we had little choice but to cancel the event. We see our bumper sales as a way to give back to the community as we sell a variety of useful items at very low prices. We humbly request that our followers donate any old, unused or unwanted items to the AIM Centre, whether its clothes, blankets, cosy jerseys, kitchenware or toys, as we’d love to re-schedule the big event once circumstances change – and are dedicated to ensuring that our community stays warm this winter! Watch this space.


For those who aren’t aware, the AIM Centre also has a lovely little charity shop located in Darras Centre, Kensington. It’s the perfect spot to find a thoughtful gift or a bargain, all the while doing a good deed. All of the proceeds go straight towards the day to day running of the AIM Centre. As always, we are also ever-grateful for any donations that we receive for the charity shop!


April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism refers to a group of developmental disorders that make up autism spectrum disorder, known as ASD. People with autism will often have varying degrees of difficulty when it comes to social interaction, communication and behaviour. Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls, and the disorder can be found among all races, ethnicities and socioeconomic groups. For further information, please read our latest blog on our website.


Bernice Michalec

(011) 616-5041 / 079 129 8153


Account Holder: AIM Centre Bank: Nedbank, Eastgate

Account Number: 1725993023 Branch Code: 192405

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